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Welcome, feel at home.
We are an online publishing firm dedicated towards a production of rare and unique literary art. FictionMorph™ intends to portray a new form of literature, themes, graphic, art and journalism. Not out of nothing, but out of a crafty weaving together of the other threads, into a new pattern.
Fiction has been 'Fiction' for ages; The-Old-Man-Around-The-Fire and other tales! Art if however, is less guilty of lack of evolution. Neither bursting the envelopes. So, we are to the rescue! The website is meant to serve in all purposes as our storefront, our lounge, and our office. It is categorized in seven broad menus.
The first menu room of visit is the Open Book
>> Under which we brandish a page called our Blog
This showcases our latest articles, interview transcripts and other other existential write-ups. The elaborate titles and preceding summary are always good pointers to the ensuing contents.
>>Next to it is the Sample Works Under this, are lists of our readily accessible sample works. They are also pretty much easily navigable through.
The next menu is our full Library
>>This begins with a Book Shelf It catalogs every publication compilation ever produced by FictionMorph™. You can easily add these books to Cart also.
>>Then the Fine Art Albums As the name suggest, promises to showcase some artistic compilations.
>>Check out Digital Art Albums also For some beautiful arrays of CAD graphical designs.
>>Photographs Here are some albums of photographic art.
We have a Contact Us menu, It is not meant for Beatles' fans exclusively. Visa free!!
>>By Contact Info We mean a list of every doorstep to us. This printable page also contains all the official handles of our online presence.
>>What is FAQ? Frequently Asked Questions.
>>By Forum We mean channels and topic threads created by visitors about us. It's more like a fan bulletin.
Somewhere along the line is a chance for more detailed Submissions
>>It firsts offers a Suggestion Box In order to gather comments that didn't apply to any topic specifically. Or not chronicled within the site.
>>Publications Participation A serious sub-item. We are open to unsolicited offers for publication. By which of course, under our guidelines and grade bar acceptance. Check out this leaf for a full info.
Thereafter, we present to guests our Branches
>>A Web Spider combs the internet in order to recognize any other post out there with reference to Us. This is done like a continuous search engine. The results are thence pasted.
>>We have a couple of Friendly Sites We often guarantee you would have as much thrill, hanging out with us, as with them.
>>The Adverts come last Of our own work in progress, citations, sponsored banners and generally all forms of paid ads.
Typically, CART is handling the sales.
This is what we have so far; Thank you for coming to FictionMorph Publications™.
experience the uniqueness
Welcome once more.